Excerpt from the book The Booze Stole My Son……


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dear JC,

I’m here at the hospital where your body was brought after the accident. I don’t know how things would have been if you were sent to a more medically sophisticated one. There’s no point of reminiscing it now. There’s no way of knowing except for a larger medical bill.

                I’m imagining as they say there were so many people here with you at that moment of your passing. The Lord sent thousands of His angels to take good care of you, of your sisters, of Niño and of us. At the time of your departure, you were hearing the voice of Melody and those of your friends, of Tito Bong, of Tito Jayson, of Tita Bein. You were never alone. Maybe God knows we could not stand it. He didn’t allow us to be there.

                Sometimes, I found myself asking the Lord,” What about the other kids? Did they really need to be there?” It was so difficult for them. Perhaps to be reminded of how deadly alcohol could be. I just wasn’t sure.

                There are millions of ways leaving this earth that He could let happen. Why such a terrible way with you? Feelings of shock and grief are clouding my capacity to think as I struggle to cope with the losses for which there are more questions than answers.

                Because I love you and I need to move on, I will try. I will trust that the Lord loves you more than I do. That the love you are receiving today is more, a lot more than I could give. I love you JC and as I continue to learn how to love, I know it will grow and I will continue to grow loving you.