There’s so much more to learn  from this book like the dynamics of alcoholism as a family disease and how our physical being adapt with the turmoil of our soul. The life damaging consequences of parental substance abuse to every child that continues to adulthood is clearly seen in this book. The never ending series of losses from one generation to the next because of drinking is also a part of the story from the beginning to the end. Aside from the promises of hope and recovery,  here are the few things I learn the most:



  1. There is nothing more fiction than reality

Reading the story of Johnny and Adriane and their Moms drinking and substance abuse was nerve wrecking. It was so disturbing and so painful I could not imagine how many more children are still suffering today, adults as well. The suspense, horror and the drama they have encounters with their mothers was more than any of the telenovelas I’ve watched on the scene.


  1. We are called the lost generation and most of us don’t know why

We are lost because we do not know what happen to us in the past. It is only by understanding our past that we will be able to formulate the future we would like to create. In looking back, let us not overlook the role of alcohol in our families and the society in general. If we will write all of our stories, we will see how our long cultural relationship with alcohol affects the way we are today in one way or another.


  1. Even the small seed of goodness implanted to us have the capability to grow despite subnormal circumstances

The characters Lizzy, Mrs. Tice and the couple Will and Bea creates an impact so necessary later in Johnny and Adriane’s life. The small and great acts of kindness and love these characters gave made it a source of strength they needed in their battle living in this cruel world of alcoholism and substance abuse. They are the people we need in our life to remind us of our inherent goodness that is so easy to forget in our chaotic existence.

If all of us would be able to give random acts of kindness  every day  even to the people we barely know, I’m sure this world will become a better place for many of God’s children in the days to come.


  1. We just keep repeating the cycle

The joys that childhood treasure imparts make them heirlooms of the heart, the pain as well. I think it would be impossible to break the cycle without uprooting the messages implanted in our subconscious during childhood. Reliving the feelings that goes with it maybe a painful process and it takes a lot of courage and support to do but it is always worth the try.