I never knew what to call these negative feelings before, now I call them the monsters. And here’s how I shut them off:

  1. Take a few a minutes every day to write how you feel

They say our feelings are the windows to our soul. More often than not writing about how I feel reveal the deepest thought I keep within where most of the distortions reside.  By being aware of this distortion I get a chance   to replace flawed thoughts with a more uplifting and fulfilling one.


  1. Meditate and pray.

The mental clutter that produces chaos in our life needs to be clean out. There’s no other way to do it but to meditate. All of the troubles we have in our external world are the results of our internal world.

Study show that prayer and meditation decreases the activity of our brain and increases our states of well being and joy. These are the things we want the most when the monsters are running our life.


  1. Read a lot

There’s one time in the heights of my struggle I came across the story of the Israelite before entering the promise land. In that particular event God instructed them to destroy all of the inhabitants of Canaan or else they will create trouble. After reading the story I felt like EUREKA! It was as if I am hearing the voice within telling me to destroy all this negative thoughts and feelings I keep or else they will create trouble in my promise land. That started my journey of dealing and destroying with my monsters within.

I cannot overemphasize how books shape who I am today.  All the books I’ve read are like my mentors and friend who had been one of my greatest companions in this journey we call life.


  1. Do something physical.

Emotions are energy in motions. They drive us and they move in whatever intention we decide. They are meant to be felt and released. When we suppress and ignore them they boil inside becoming our powerful monster later in life. This monster actually drains our energy and made us feel exhausted inside and out.

By doing something physical like exercising, we literally create energy within our body. It also increases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that activates happiness in us.


  1. Create meaningful affirmations

When we were growing up the message we often receive about ourselves and the world we live in does not support our greatest craving to be appreciated and to be affirm that we matter. Deprive of those craving, we resort to some other forms to fill this gratification as we grow old. Some uses money, power, drugs, sex and all those stuff that usually doesn’t fill them anyway.

It is only by changing those unsupported messages we keep believing and telling ourselves that we will truly find healthier ways of meeting this desire. By constantly bombarding ourselves   with positive words we create new belief system that is empowering and fulfilling.


  1. Get out and help someone

Helping others have scientific benefits like increasing again the chemicals in your brain that activates happiness. It also shifts your focus out of yourself and helps you see others with greater problems than your own. Many times it leads me to gratitude and makes my troubles seems small.