• Title: The Booze Stole My Son (Don’t Let It Steal Yours)
  • Published: 2016
  • Author: Aui V

The Booze Stole My Son is a non-fiction, autobiographical account of a mother’s grief at the loss of her son, JC, who died after a drunk-driving incident.

I found Aui’s story incredibly powerful and you could really feel the emotion in her writing. This was not an easy book to read, which is to be expected, given the topic.

The style of writing switches between extracts from a personal diary, and formally written pieces to inform the reader of Aui’s experiences and religious beliefs, as well as some well-grounded scientific research into alcoholism.

Aui is certainly an accurate narrator; she is a qualified nurse, and has seen the destructive impact of alcoholism on other family members and friends.

Yet because of the switches in narrative styles, the book felt a little unstructured at times…

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