After officially ending the longest celebration of the Christmas season which only happens in the Philippines, I felt a gnawing sense of missing my blogging community. It is almost one year now and I cannot help but be grateful for all the wonderful people I meet and make a deep connection virtually through blogging.

Like when things got cramming in my life and pressured filing, I usually take them bit by bit, one at a time. Most writers could probably relate when I say that after some time of not writing, starting to write is not an easy task again. And here is why I came up with a bucket list!

1.  Why God made sisters– ‘been thinking of writing this article since last year and still can’t figure out exactly why. I owe this three Sisterakas a lot!

2. When we cry no more – the killings in the Philippines seems a normal thing at this point and it looks like nobody cares anymore and killings are happening everywhere, day in and day out.

3. My struggling daughter – she doesn’t want me to write about her struggle which was a sort of funny thing for me.

4. Write to give – the thought of sharing a part of me for others is a real source of joy that I got from writing.

5. The most wonderful gift I receive this Christmas – is the gift of deliverance

6. Why writing the goal for New Year is important – without writing our goal it will be easy to forget where we are heading this coming year and we have nothing to show whether we reach where we should be or not.

7. The best lessons I receive from my real estate clients – is not about making money but building relationship.

8. Why I always believe my husband – I don’t know. Maybe I’ll figure out once I started writing this.

9. Letting go of old familiar destructive feelings – Not an easy thing to do

10. When I have nothing to write – I made a bucket list!