1. You will always have enough and you will live an abundant life

When I started giving tithes I had experiences both having lots of money and not having so much. But what amazed me is that I always have more than what I needed every day. I became grateful which made me see and enjoy the abundance I have.


just hugs and laugh

2. You will see the reason why you lack

The things we keep in our heads and our heart block us to experience the great blessing our God bestowed upon us.  My lack was the result of my sense of unworthiness of His blessings which He gave freely to everyone. Giving back to God leads me to see my distorted concept of giving and receiving from the time I was growing up.



3. You will desire less material goods

I became satisfied with the stuff I had in my life as long as I can use them for their purpose. My self-worth had never been measured by the price of the things I possess. Giving tithes let me realized my value separate from the things I’ve got.


In fact, a family picture can be enough! 😀

4. You will be able to give more

The natural result of being grateful is the desire to give everything we’ve got. Even if I had limited money, I see many blessing I have within that I was able to give away without any thoughts of getting back anything in return. The pure joy of giving pays off.



5. You will see opportunities you have never realized before

Because I become more focus with the blessings that I have, I get to see many more of it. Like talents, skills, time, treasure, connections, knowledge etc.. you had been taking for granted for the longest time. Even opportunities in mishaps open up.



6. You will have the courage  to face your fears

One of my greatest fears is the fear of not having enough and it subsides when I started giving tithes.  I develop trust in the loving hands of God and became aware of His promises of provisions in all situations.



 7. You will never feel sorry for yourself

Because you will enjoy life to the fullest. I find contentment and joy regardless of what I have and don’t have. That is one of the greatest things I’ve got from giving tithes.



Life is rich already!