It had been 6 years today since I lost her. Once in a while, thinking about her and what she might be saying if she is still around puts a smile on my heart.  The first one is my favorite.

1. On the early years of marriage be wary of going to your mom when you are having trouble with your hubby, especially if she is in doubt whether you made the right choices. Lol!

This was her response one time when I told her I had a hard time with Boy:

“I told you, go to the US where your classmates are, use your profession and leave the kids to me.” I was wondering where I will leave my husband and therefore I never obey her.

Many years later I understand that in all her desire to make life better for me she will have the tendency to be shortsighted. Because of the courage she had within, she knows that I can make it alone because she made it. What she never realized then is that it will be too painful for her when the consequences arrived. There is nothing more painful than seeing your loved ones hurting.



2. The best teaching strategy is learning by doing.

I cannot remember her teaching me to write nor to read, it was my Dad. But she thought me how to do things by doing it. When she was teaching me to do the laundry she was there doing it with me. When she was telling me to take charge of her small store, she never realized that she was giving me a hands-on training on marketing and dealing with people. What marketing school is more effective than teaching a preschooler to sell it her way?




3. She was the first to teach me the power of writing. 

I was in high school when one of my aunties (her sister) was so upset with her husband’s gambling in the village. My mom asked me then to do a letter address to the leaders of the village instructing those involve in gambling to stop their activities or else the insurgents will be force to do something. (Mom never finish elementary and she had a hard time writing even as simple as signing her name)

Well, I do not know about insurgents then, except that we call them the NPA or people with no permanent address. That’s everything I knew. And lo and behold immediately after the people in the village received the letter I compose, the gambling stops!



4. Her life taught me that those who never learned from experiences will keep repeating the same lesson.

Many of what she did, I repeat. Some of the good things and the bad, the happy and the sad.  When I saw myself repeating her mistakes, her life was telling me to turn around. Her pains and difficulties taught me what will make sense. Her joys and triumphs is a source of inspiration I live with my kids today.



5. She taught me to give no matter what.

I cannot understand why she keeps giving to everyone; people coming by, whether she just meets them, to her siblings and practically to anyone she likes. Up until I lost her I really don’t know why she loves giving even if she doesn’t have much.

When I look at her life and how she was loved and taken care of, I understand why. How can you not give back love to someone who did nothing but gives? I am sure the four of us is happy because we knew in ourselves we did all the best we could for her. She is not a perfect mom and we are not the perfect kids, but in our heart, we give back our love to her no matter how. That is why she give, she loves.



 6. Take care of my body and my emotions. 

Understand hormonal imbalances and enjoy life. Let go of the negative emotions.Eat well. Those were the things she thought me when she was diagnosed with an end-stage renal disease, a complication of her diabetes where a dialysis was needed. They were all related.



These are some of the best lessons she taught but there are much more!