“Are you sure? I will submit myself to this man?”  Me, speaking to God clarifying if that was the real order He was asking me to do. And it is. Sound difficult to do. Why not? He entrusted me to a man who had a thousand flaws as I am and who seems like nowhere most of the time. Whose favorite place is his empty box, like most men did.





If God would like to give me to the Prince of Brunei, He could just have done that. (Although I am not sure if the Prince would be a perfect partner in the first place) But He never did and I believe He is always sure to give the best for me and it was probably (as if I am not sure) this man. No more, no less.  Since this is His will, might as well obey.


But how will I obey? I am too stubborn to listen and I always want things done my way. Growing up without a father molded me to become a responsible person projecting to need almost no one to survive.


marriage 2


And besides, I knew this man as a partner from the time we’ve been together. I knew his weakness and what he cannot do. But of course, I know his strength as well. And I knew how good he is. But I still find it difficult to follow especially in terms of finances and it is so subtle.


“Who told you that your obedience to your husband is based on his performance?” As if I hear God asking.  Oh, I almost forgot that even my husband doesn’t work enough or give enough I am still bounded to obey because that is Your charge to me.


marriage 3


In this light, everything falls flat on my face. I am one of the modern Eves. Her conversation with the serpent that distorts God’s design still rings to my ears today. “Really?” Making her doubtful of what her husband told her. Sounds familiar? How will you obey someone you half-trust? Half trust is a whole doubt by the way.


The tendency to oppose our partner and to work against them and their role in marriage is the penalty we receive for disobedience. We will be prone to do what we want when we want it regardless of what our husband says or do. What a clever way to destroy a marriage.


marriage 4


The poor guy on the other side of the fence was lost to oblivion. God created him with a unique need to be respected and here comes a gift from his maker who always made him feel like his no nothing. Much more to obey him.


How can she? Remember what Adam did in the Garden of Eden? He had the audacity to blame his wife when confronted with God, when in fact he was not there during the time Eve was being tempted by the serpent. HE WAS NOT THERE. Got it?


And the world witnesses his first acting like a wimp who has abdicated his most important responsibility on the planet. It’s all up to you. Here’s the money, take care of the kids. Solve their problem alone. I’m busy with my job and my toys. Familiar isn’t it?


marriage 5

That same dialogue is still happening to modern families today which all started from the book of Genesis. But wives of the millennial era, let us remember that when we were instructed to obey everything He had commanded us,   it comes with a promise that we will never be alone. He will always be with us even if the partner He had given to us is absent most of the time, just like Adam before.