No matter how I made a fool of myself they never cease to care.  It is difficult no to pull yourself up when you know there are people who will be badly hurt when you don’t. You will rarely outgrow the grudges you have with your siblings, the rivalry, the insecurities and the competition. But you will also never outgrow the love and the care you have for each other.


When life sucks they will always tell me the truth even if it hurts. They rarely pretend. The good thing is when everyone around me is raising their eyebrows and turning their back, I am sure I always have the three of them ready to lift me up.


They made me understand what it meant to be selfless because they did it themselves. The sibling fights we had while growing up actually bond us in a way that strengthens our unwritten commitment to support one another.

sister 1

They never believe the lies I told them about myself. They knew me.They made me realize that they will accept me no matter what, they had no choice, we are sisters.Lol!


I am always comfortable to be with them. I need not pretend. They can turn tears into laughter or vice versa.I could not imagine life without them, they were the person I would like to share my triumph with and spend the rest of my life with as neighbors!! hahaha


They are always my sure market. They never failed to support me on all of my endeavors. I will forever be grateful with these three amazing sisterakass. And I love those three beyond words could ever say.