I am wondering how many of us made an effort to write where we are heading this year. Plenty of evidence supports the tremendous power there is in writing our goals and yet too few realize this.

On my journal during high school, I described the man I would like to marry in the future. Actually, I forgot about those things if not for the playful curiosity of one of my daughter when she digs old notebooks on the storeroom and reads it with her siblings. It was a surprise that what I’ve written there was the exact characteristic of their father long before I met him.

I also collect pictures of the things I would like to have in a spiral notebook. I once cut and design from different house brochures the kind of home I dream to live with my family. A few months later my husband made the place where we reside similar to the picture I have constructed on my notebook.His ability in architecture was beyond my wildest imagination. He had no idea of the pictures I have collated!

Since then, I make it a habit to always write everything I would like to achieve in all aspects of my life every year and so far most of them became a reality. I have written aspiration and plans that will never happen and I just accept that and move on to the next, like the braces of my eldest son. I made it one of my goals for him some years ago.

I write the amount of salary I want to earn and the kind of job I would like to do and it never failed me. The limitation is within the boundaries of my mind. I remember about writing and publishing a book more than twenty years ago and investing in real estate a few years back and they all came to happen.   Some written goal just takes time more than the others but I never lose hope. And I keep doing the leg work.

Writing my aspirations create a great impact in my life more than I could imagine. It provides pure joy and excitement that keeps me motivated and focus most of the time. It gives me a compass of where I would like to be during and after this earthly journey.

Through the years I’ve learned that writing my goal is a powerful tool I use to go where I want to go and to live the life I dream of. Research on the topics of achieving goals constantly shows that those who write their goals actually achieve what they have written than those who did not.

So for all those who have not plot their goals yet, come on and join us as I invite my readers to share their goals for 2018 and have each other’s back on reaching these goals!