The degree to which we can handle our emotions determines the quality of life we have. Here are some doable steps to effectively deal with those unpleasant feelings that never fail to drain our energy.

  1. Take a moment to be silent.

To be still is the most difficult thing to do when we are bombarded inside. The unconscious monologues create a stream of mental noise that left us exhausted. Study shows that people who consistently meditate have a singular ability to cultivate positive emotions, retain emotional stability and engage in a mindful behavior.

  1. Do some deep breathing

We often take this for granted, unmindful of the benefits it can give. Deep breathing improves circulation which make different parts of our body performs at its best. By learning how to breathe effectively we are providing our body and soul energy from which we can draw strength.

  1. Jot it down.

There is an increasing evidence to support that journaling has a positive impact on our well- being. A few minutes of writing what’s going on usually clarify our confusion that creates our unpleasant feelings. Writing also helps us understand ourselves better and help us get in touch with our internal world to where most of our distorted thinking resides.

  1. Take action

Engaging in meaningful activities increase our level of satisfaction. It can be as simple as walking or gardening or playing with our pet. Studies show that regular physical activity can improve our moods and the way we feel about ourselves. It stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave us feeling happier and more relaxed. Doing something we love increase our energy all day long.