Your days will be covered with guilt

Your face with shame

Your heart will be full of revenge

And your body will bend


A black and white rear shot of the back of a woman's head and back, with her head bowed down in sadness


You will have long nights of rain

And mornings of cloud

You will have regrets for waking up

And sorrows will keep you afloat


Haunted railway


You will live with the ghost of the past

The inhabitants of your soul

And you will wish life would end

Before it always begins


Your struggle will be long

Your hope will be lost

But hold on my friend

Like most of us do



We rekindle the joy

And strengthen the faith

By saying a prayer or two

And doing the things we love to do


Some seed a plant, some write with a pen

Others send a smile and holds a hand too

Some with paintings, some with cravings

As long as it won’t hurt you

happy caucasian girl with grass in hand dancing to the tunes of summer

Just find delight in whatever you do

Because flowers can bloom from the dirt that you grow

And heal the wounded soul around you

That’s how it is my friend I know

‘Coz I’m one of you too