We are not a culture of murderers. As VP Leni say “this is not us.” I am not a fanatic of Robredo nor Duterte. But I am a believer of doing the right things. We will always suffer the consequences of our ignorance and wrong doings. Either we believe or we perish.


We are a culture of happy, caring and beautiful people. We value life and families. We are considerate of how others would feel. We empathize with our neighbors and we care for them. We tend to forget that.


Let us not be deceived with anger, the Duterte in every one of us. Let us open our eyes with the works of evil scattering seeds of fear and revenge. It is too much for us, we’ve had enough of it.


We are a nation believing in the sovereign power of God. The War on Drugs is actually a war with our creator. We cannot fight evil with evil because we are not. Those who killed and those who were killed are good people on a different side of the battlefield. Both were victims.


The evil will never win, let us not lose hope. But let us all do our job of shedding the light of truth with now less than sixteen million people who were deceived. I am sure it is less than now because I knew someone who finds it difficult to accept she voted for our president, her denial is a sign that she was making a recourse.


Addiction is a disease. Our President is mad because he is afflicted with something he does not understand. He is out of his mind so it is of no use to fight with him. Anyway, he is well aware that he will not last long. His God-given conscience will be his worst enemy and to accept this would be his worst battle. His nightmares would make him drink more medicines than he should. Have pity on him and on his soul. We can start praying for him now.


Let us all who believe in the goodness of life be a reminder to everyone of who we really are. It is a strong armor on the war we have in our midst. An awareness of to whom we belong is our shield and protection.Let us take part.


A prayerful weekend for everyone and our condolences for all those who lost a loved one on the war on drugs this week and for the last one year now.