I remember many years back when a terrible panic came crashing down on me with no apparent reason. I was so scared, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I couldn’t get enough air that I have to be brought to a nearby hospital. I suffered a nervous breakdown.

The days that followed after the hospitalization was more difficult to bear but I was determined not to take any medications because I was afraid of becoming dependent on it. I read everything I could and realized later that attending to my mental health was crucial to my general well-being and to living a life that is full.


Understanding oneself is necessary. What you believe about yourself are usually based on what the significant people in your life told you or the result of your reaction on what they say about you while you were growing up. Distorted self-concept arise when those voices do not conform with your inherent strength, weaknesses, and definition of yourself based on your purpose

I grow up believing I was unworthy and doesn’t deserve to be loved. This concept I have about myself was formed after being sexually abused when I was very young. It took a lot of pain in my adult life before I was able to unload the belief I created for myself which was not only demeaning but also devastating.


Accepting who you are is also important in attaining mental health. Some people are naïve to celebrating their strength, abilities, skills and triumphs. They prefer to dwell and focus on what they are not, what they cannot do and what they do not have. Feeling sorry for themselves, being envious of others and blaming the people around them become their lot, a breeding of mental trouble.


Having an inventory of everything you’ve got and being grateful for them is a sure way to mental well-being.Research is continually finding that counting one’s blessings leads to a healthier, happier and less- stressed lifestyle.


Finally, it is vital to find your purpose in life. Misery came from people who never understand why they are here. You may start finding your contribution in this world by joining a community where you can share the abilities and resources you have. Social connection is imperative to your mental health. Doing good deeds for others becomes the seed to which you will find greater callings that can give meaning to your existence.