I’m sure many Filipinos are having a second thought today whether they made the right choice voting for Duterte. I can only sympathize with them. But on the other hand, I realized every choice we made whether good or bad always brings with it a blessing God may use to show His love for all.

Few people take heart with the disease of addiction in this country before the extrajudicial killings.  They are either scared, mad or lost in addressing this plague destroying individual and families. And most just doesn’t care.

But because of what is happening, several organizations both government and private and even the church is finding better ways of dealing with the issue. It may be far before they will be able to effectively deal with this issue but at least they are making small step going there.

Now that the wrong choices were made the next thing to do is to focus on the present and be proactive in the future.  How many had been deceived by the propaganda delivered via social media appealing directly to their feelings without really thinking if he is the best choice or not?16 million? Perhaps. Think, think, think.

Until now, many people are still lured by all forms of media to act based on their emotions. Either they were angry, mad, and sad or scared. I don’t know how many are glad. The same propaganda used during the election is still appealing to their vulnerability today making them blind of the  real score.

Clouded with their emotions, they do not know what to focus on.It is not about being red or yellow.  They have to take the time to quiet down, be still, listen and learn. They keep repeating the wrong choices when they don’t think why they made them in the first place. As stupid as it may sound but it is. This is the reason why many of them never learned the lessons of the past.

For those who understand, this is not the time to lose courage. Several passages in the bible talk about destruction, ruins, killings, plagues, terrible earthquakes, days of darkness, war and everything that they have today. Even God’s righteous people were troubled and afraid.  But they had always been taken cared of.

And God can make uses of pagan leaders to accomplish His will. Believers should never lose heart with the way our President express his views and his beliefs or disbelief. There is a loving God who sees it all and who can make used of everything for the good of the people whom He loves.