I’ve been doing this in the past and I have seen how much it helps me accomplished the things I would like to happen in my life despite the inconsistencies at times. Some of these are already in my routine while I have to be more disciplined and determined with the others.  Although it’s a bit altered during weekends here it goes:


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The first three hours after I woke up was usually spent on praying, writing, reading the word of God, having my cup of coffee and breakfast with my husband. Sometimes our kids who were not around during dinner because of work join us as well. It’s a good thing to listen to their stories about the day they have at work. I’m fond of calling them kids when in fact they are grown up now. I also include on my first three hours the 20-minute walk walk walk exercise which I found a great blessing from YouTube!


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Then I allotted only two hours for the household chore because I realized I can have the whole day for it and still not done. I can do a great laundry while doing the dishes! I couldn’t imagine the time when there’s no washing machine. You see I am doing this article while the machine is doing my job. We have no household help and I have four children messing the hub plus me. It’s a good thing my husband is not comfortable on a messy home; he did most of the cleaning. Of course, an order in the house is important but I maximize the two hours allotted for that.


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Three to four hours is for my money making activity. It is ranging from selling real estate, calling and meeting with clients, to malunggay (moringa) tea stuff. It’s a bit messy and  unpredictable yet I know that I am still in charge of how much time I would spend with them on most occasion. There are those that were beyond my control like the long line of waiting at several government agencies and the sudden change of a client’s agenda. With that, I just go with the flow.  If budget permits sometimes I pay someone to do those things that can be done for me like the waiting on some government paper stuff.


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This year I am determined to spend one hour a day helping someone who is going through what I’ve gone through or perhaps makes someone happy by just listening to whatever difficulties they have. I am conscious that everything I am doing is geared towards helping others and doing the will of God. I just thought it more intent if I can focus on one soul at a time on top of everything I am into. Oh, by the way, I also have a 30-minute nap sometimes after lunch which was so hard to give up after I started working at home.


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I also intend to slash an hour a day for  concentrated reading. I have 27 book lists to read for 2019, I’ll beat my 2018  read which was around 12. My reading time was sporadic, sometimes  while waiting, sometimes before sleeping, or before my nap and many times when doing the laundry. I can’t tell how much those reading  helps in this journey called life.

I decided long ago that instead of watching TV I would rather read. It’s one of the greatest thing I ever did with my time. I can’t exchange reading with watching TV, I think I will feel guilty doing so. Though I watch movie on Netflix once in a while when the kids are insistent on joining them.


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The rest of the hours are usually spent preparing and having dinner  with my family.  I see to it that each one of them have a cup of tea after  and then listen to the stories of whoever is around, usually the two from school. As I’ve said the other two were working already and they seldom dine with us. We also have a family prayer time that rarely missed and the remaining time is  spent again reading  to make me sleep. If you combine them all I can still have the required hours for rest and a few minutes if my husband wants something on other days! Lol!