I can imagine Mary’s bewilderment when the angel greeted her with a promise of God’s blessing announcing that she was chosen to give birth to Jesus the Son of God. How could that be a blessing when getting pregnant without a father during her time would mean being stoned to death?

She could probably be thinking “Hey angel, are you crazy? I’m a virgin.”  But with all her humility she allowed God’s plan to happen despite the trouble it may cause her.

Many times, great blessings are wrapped in troubles.

When my husband told me that their unit will be closing in one month, I do not comprehend right away that there will be no regular money coming in on the 15th and on the end of every month.I thought nothing about it. Deep within I believe I know how to earn a living.


I grow up without knowing what a payday was. My mom had a small business and I’m used to having money sometimes and having nothing most of the time. She was able to raise us up just like that.


I never bothered to look for a job since I got married to take care of the kids. My husband had a  good paying job and I presented him to my family as somebody, because he earns a lot. When he became jobless and the bills are piling up and we could not afford to rent, we have no other choice but to go back to my Mom’s house and start all over again. It was a humiliating experience.


From a high paying job to starting all over again from nothing was difficult and a real struggle. I used to think work in terms of money. I thought people are working to be paid. That was the narrowest concept of work I had until and after my husband lost his job.


Losing his job brought me to the deepest part of myself  I never knew existed and callings I  would never mind. It leads me to find my real purpose in this life and my source of happiness. It made me more trustful on God’s plan which is always better than mine.


Over the years of doing odd things, getting a job, leaving them and finding again; I realized losing my husband’s job brought us both to believe that our work is not just about money. It is about using the gifts God has entrusted to us for the service of others and for His glory. This is the greatest blessings of all.