1. What is God’s will for me today?

I’ve been a self-will run riot in the past. It leads me nowhere and it is damn right exhausting. I shut off and tell God, “ok have it your way.”  Every morning, I take a few moments reading His word, praying and writing. Those routines help me find the directions and mission of my life in the long run. I started to feel at peace and find a way to handle the situation that used to trouble me.

2. Why am I doing this?

Asking this question to myself leads me to do my priority, things that will matter till eternity. It removes the nuances of the day and saves me from wasting my time and resources on the things that are not aligned to the reason why I am here.  This question also brings me to a deeper understanding of myself and the things I really care about.

3. How can I be more loving today?

Mother Teresa says there is more hunger for love than bread in this world. This is where I feel most stupid about after losing my son. I could have been more loving than right when he was still around.

This question made me more forgiving and compassionate not only for others but for myself as well. It also helps me spend the most of my days with the people I would like to be with. It also spared me from those I can leave without when it is the loving thing to do for them and for myself.

4. What will I teach today?

This is the time where there is a cafeteria of information and choices to live by. Teaching about the right things is taken for granted. But what is the right thing to teach in the first place? People have different preferences and set of values formed which they believe to be right.

I realized I am teaching not only from the words that leave out of my mouth but for the justice I give to every creature I encountered along the way. Live and let live.

I am teaching the right thing when I conform to the will of my creator. He made it clear that those who teach the right thing will shine like a sun forever. What a beautiful promise to claim!

5. What will I do if today is my last?

I will just continue writing, reading and praying. I’ve done my last will and testament already. I’ve written all the sorry’s and said all the I love you’s I need to.

I will lift my hands in prayers and bargain if I can extend my stay because my insurance might not be enough to cover all the debts. It will be a big trouble and I do not want to leave this earth with worries. lol!

And if I only have today, I will make all the effort to finish this blog post because it will be my last. Hahaha! Enjoy the weekend everyone!