While my husband was preoccupied with preparing for what might be the worst scenario for us with this COVID pandemic, I am obsessed with finding some gems out of this chaos. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure everything is happening for a reason.  I believed that there is always something good with all the mishaps we have in life as history unfolds.

So, let me count the treasure I discover during this lockdown season just within my home.  I barely notice them before the COVID 19 because I am so busy living my everyday life.  I don’t know if a single article would be enough to write them all in one sitting. If not, I will perhaps make it a daily counting of wealth found to inspire all of you to start digging at your home….

Number 1.

fine tree (4)


There is nothing more joyful than waking up in the morning listening to the birds singing on our bedroom windows and watching the stillness of the pine tree that had been a witness to so many joys and pains within our home.  My husband bought this  tree a few months after we move in this house that has now become the landmark to most of the tricycle driver entering our subdivision. It is the first to welcome everyone coming to our place, well after the Kalamyas.




I do not have any recollection of when and how my husband planted this kalamyas. I just took notice of it when it is producing so many fruits falling on the ground that I slip on it once.  A few years back I tried drying its plentiful harvest, but it didn’t turn out well.  I just throw it because it looks like there were plenty of molds.


kamyas 3


Last week during the lockdown, my good friend Bubbles  posted on her Facebook about her kalamyas drying stuff. She gave me the techniques of  this natural pang pa asim flavor of sinigang and sinaing na isda! (Pang pa asim is a Filipino dish flavoring for fish and meat). But what inspired me most is when she told me that dried kalamyas which she is using on her restaurant cost around 300 to 400 Pesos per kilo. OMG!



kamyas 2


“300 to 400 Pesos per kilo of dried kalamyas?????” I can’t believe it!

Gusto kong hingin yung mga kalamyas ng aming kapitbahay na  natatapon lang sa dami ng bunga.  (I would like to get my neighbor’s kalamyas fruits being wasted away)

Feeling ko after this article may bago na akong ibebenta! (I feel like selling something else after this article!)

Thanks Bubbles!

writing den


Then the flowering plants that had been a favorite background of some of our guests having selfies on our place. This is one thing I am grateful for this lockdown; I was able to find delight in the beauties of the flowers. Just looking at them sustains my joy within the day.


aui v


For the first time in my life, I did see what beautiful is. Flowers gave such kind of beauty that penetrates the soul.  That’s why they can be so expensive, and I have plenty of them at home. Well since the lock down this place on our 2nd floor’s terrace had become my favorite writing corner.


chico 2


We gifted this chico tree to my mother in law when she was living here with us many years back. When she left, I never give much thought about this tree except today that she is with us again. I have no idea when the fruits hanging on its branches is ripe.

Sometimes I will just see them rotten on the ground. See, we are too busy to even harvest it’s produced that at times neighbors did it themselves. And since there is plenty of time today, I asked my son to pick those chicos and put it in the box until it’s ripe.  There is nothing sweeter than the taste of something you did produce yourself for free.




We used to have guava beside this chico tree. It has so many fruits as well and  I often caught children on the neighborhood climbing on it. One day I saw it drying up and that was the end of her story.








We never planted these trees. We just make it a point that all of our biodegradable waste be put back on the soil to where it belongs and this is what it gave us back. The santol almost withered with time and didn’t grow that much. It’s fine, she finds her way to survive.  I don’t know what will happen to her.




This tomatoes are the products of my daughter Rose watching the Crash landing on you. She was inspired to plant it herself. Guess who watered it every day.




And of course my favorite of all, our malunngay trees. I can make a book for all the stories to share with this malunggay journey we have. You see, it didn’t only give us business, it leads us to some sense of purpose and meaning. And of all the plants we have in the backyard this is the only one I did plant myself.



I am not sure how many of us are well aware today that the continuous deterioration of biodiversity created the perfect environment for the mutation and emergence of new diseases including this COVID 19. It’s all up to us if we will learn the lesson or not. Otherwise, we must be ready to face plenty and more lethal epidemics in the future.

If we do not change the way we deal with the environment and the species which inhabit our planet this kind of plague will become the norm, either we believe and do something, or we perish. Well, there is something else; find true wealth with nature.

Wealth counting within your home Number 2 in my next article…..