I was not supposed to write this article today because I am working on my quarantine planting 101 for my FB post. But there’s this voice asking:

“Why am I writing?”

“Am I doing this because of the addicting affirmations I am receiving?”

Though I know that not everyone who reacts to my posts read it because I do the same at times.  I respond on autopilot when captured by a post’s beautiful image without even reading its contents. Sometimes I press the positive emoticons out of kindness, just to make the other person feels good. We are human beings and we craved to be appreciated. I knew that.

“Yes and no.”

I am writing because  I know it is a gift and they are meant to be used. I am also writing because modesty aside I’m good at it compare to those who do not write.😊And whether I am noticed or not for what I am writing, it’s ok. The only thing that matters is that there is this one person singing joyfully with everything I write and that person is me. I don’t know how it sounds but it is how I feel, sorry.

It feels great to know that someone benefits when I am sharing a part of myself. Giving something that we have is a natural happy booster. That stuff made me enjoy this craft all the more. Who would not give when you fee like you have to?

I got the kind of life that I have today from the many books and articles and the word of God that I read. Somebody else did it for me and I owe it to the world to give something back. And the only way to keep it is to pass it on, no other scheme.

Writing is the task I was called for. To write something that may ease another’s pain or something that will brighten up a day or be the voice of someone else too. It is a mission, a responsibility, and a privilege. Something I cannot just ignore; the voice is too loud.

Holding my pen or having my hands on the keyboard is my survival. It is the way I breathe. I cannot imagine a day without writing my thoughts before the sunrise appears, it is my energy. This is how I live the day especially when the going gets tough. Even the most peaceful of my moments have never been without writing. It is what keeps me moving to make me feel alive.

How can I not write? I need to.