If there’s something special about my father going home from the town proper to the farm where we live, it was nothing but guisadong pansit ( a noodle recipe in the Philippines) as we called it. I know not of chocolates and cakes, burgers, and pizzas before I lost him when I was barely 10. After he left, guisadong pansit continues to be a special treat and now I understand an easy meal when moms cannot think of anything else to serve. I discovered after a few decades of losing him that my heart for pansit is nothing but a beautiful memory of a father’s love whom I miss and adore so much.

I think it wouldn’t take my long time suitor and now lifetime partner three years of desperate courting and cost him thousands of pesos on flowers and chocolates, and stuff that means so little to me had he figured it out much earlier. Pansit lang pala katapat. (Noodles is suffice) Lol! I think he got a glimpse of it later when I always have a choice of pansit on all the fancy resto escapade we had as sweethearts. A woman only needs three things in her life; a compliment, water, and food as the saying goes. It took him years to be able to understand the missing link.

As the story unfolds many years later when the going gets tough and the budgets are low, and the bills are high there’s always pansit on the rescue to feed the family of five little kids. Now that they were all grown up where choices are plenty and tastes vary, pansit is always something to be merry at least for me. And they know why. It is a father’s love their mother longed and remember, not just the taste of pansit.

Memories of joys and pains, of horror and delight that we just need to go back to, that’s what food is. They say we are what we eat which is not farther from the truth because when we come to think of it, our food choices always speak of something about us, whether we are sad or happy, rich or poor, young or old, whether we care or not or anything. You can know a lot about someone over a cup of coffee or food in the table, isn’t so?

What about you? Do you have a food story to share?

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