1. There is no formula, algorithm, equation, nor template for building a loving relationship

There are best practices that might work or might not work for each one of them. They can experiment, discover, and explore, and as long as they keep seeking, they are sure to figure this out. Building a loving relationship is a way to self-discovery which they need to embrace whatever will be unveiled. They have to trust the process with one another. Live and let love.

2. Falling in love is a mess, fall in love anyway

It is both emotional and rational, biological as much as social. Like their hormones, love can make them  erratic at times. When people act based on how they feel alone, they usually make poor decisions, mess follows. It’s common. But loving is not an act of a rational conscious mind either, so falling in love is sort of crazy. Despite of it all, to love is still the most divinely beautiful experience they would miss if they will  choose not to.

3. The only thing certain about human love is that we all crave for it

Having that in mind it is always wise to assume that what we demand is the very same thing that our partner is looking for. If we want more love, then be more loving, if we want more happiness then be happy. That simple. There is no room for selfishness because the only way to keep the love flowing is by giving it away. We get what we give.

4. Loving someone can never make them poor if they bring in the psychology of wealth on the table

I was surprised to discover that young people are so afraid to fall in love, get married, and raised families for economic reasons. Well, I cannot blame them because the generation that raised them was the most financially illiterate age group I can think of. The result shows. I never knew then that money or cash flow is not my problem, it is what I keep inside. Pretty much the same thing with most of us here.  We attract what we are. What they bring to the table is precisely what they’ll get. It is better to hack their brain and body to wealth for more chances of prosperity than withholding love for economic reasons. They will be missing a lot with this mindset.  By the way, I found out that most of the richest women on earth got their wealth from their partner if not from their father, their mom’s husband. See, there is money in loving if we are wired for it lol!

5. Don’t make the mistake of expecting men to love them the way they do, it will be a disaster

Better yet, if they can drop all their expectation and accept people just for who and what they are. Men and women express love in a thousand different ways. If my daughters can express themselves in 80,000 words a day, sometimes beyond as most women do, men are enough with 5,000, more than that will make them nauseous. If it is loving for a woman to be offered help when in trouble, unsolicited assistance for men could mean undermining their abilities and efforts. Don’t worry, men and women were built to survive independently. What they need to learn is to care for their partner without losing themselves in the process, in that case, the same thing with men. Both were uniquely designed to complement each other where their deepest point of union is found at the greatest point of their difference. They need to think about it.