You probably have it wrong about this demographic cohort dude. Yes, they were serious about life, took forever to copy and paste a word file and the generation that destroys the planet earth and so on but you see like wine, some of them just get better with age though, read on….

Baby boomers are the generation who seems to get some of their self-worth from their achievements.

My boomer husband’s deepest aspiration is wrapped around our individual victory. It was clear to him that his mission is to make sure that his family is living according to what we are all called for. He makes sure despite his so-called inadequacies that we will make it to be what we are supposed to be. It is his top priority and he is serious with this, really.

Raising a happy, godly family is not just a divine calling, but a part of his identity. Although working on me took so much of his time and effort, 😊 I knew that his humblest desire is to be able to heed to this call. He had no idea of how he fulfilled my greatest longing of having a happy family with this most wonderful accomplishment he has so far. Thanks boomer! Love ya!

Do you realize what work ethics are?

Deal with a boomer and you’ll see but if you are as clumsy as me good luck to you! Either you learn to do things better or get out of their way. A little bit harsh, yes, it is.

Loving a baby boomer teach me to be serious with what I am doing. I did, well, I hope. See, they are the generation who never minds putting a great deal of time and effort into their task at hand be it their family or their professional career. They never mind the discomfort, they endure.

I think that this very strong work ethic makes it hard for them to deal with the perfect home -work balance, both were too demanding. Our boomer in the house could have excelled in the professional career that he once had; he proved himself enough. But he opted otherwise and give his best and all. It must have been difficult for him, but we love it you know, and we regard him as much. We are all proud of you boomer!


They are the age group who understand what discipline is, a million times over what these young people today knew about. Building a sense of self-control and the practice of obedience is an all-time struggle for a stubborn little child inside of me. The same predicament with our awesome-like-mom naughty kids at home more often than not.

“All of my classmates will join the overnight swimming party”
“I am the only one who will not join on the class outing!”
I’ve heard it from all five of them at a different time in my life.
Tell it to the marine babies.😊

“Are you sure?”😧
“I will submit myself to this man?” Me, speaking to God clarifying if that was what He asks me to do.
And it is. Sound difficult indeed.

But this boomer love of my life whom I can’t live without set the house rules to follow, making it clear that those were the best not for him but every one of us. It was set for us to be free. Love must be tough sometimes. Whatever boomer!

Baby boomer values presence, visibility is everything.

It takes a lifetime and a COVID for them to embrace the fact that it’s ok to live in a virtual world, where people and things can also be real even on the screen. Making life on your iPhone all day long can mean doing nothing at all. You’re a lazy nut! Stop arguing with a boomer and do something visible. Period. Plant a tree perhaps lol!

Physical presence matters to them and it was unthinkable for my boomer buddy not to be with his family 24 hours a day. I can’t imagine how losing JC without him around torture his spirit to the heavens above and the deep underworld beneath. A little bit exaggerated but yes, I mean it. He looks like committing a grave sin if he cannot be present on the most important events of our lives and those people he cared the most and to their relatives’ funerals too. I find it absurd sometimes.

But his gift of presence is one of the most remarkable treasures I will forever hold close to my heart. Having him around provided the strongest source of security for all of us as his family. His presence made us feel important and safe.

It might not be as cool as you think it is, but I don’t think falling in love other than this you see!