I feel sad that a loved one had to go through a series of anxiety when finding out that most people where she works were positive for COVID. Her apprehensions were both normal and insane. I knew that the weight of torture she had is not for herself alone but for those she cared the most. I wish it gets better before it gets worse. I can only pray and make her smile and hope that some good things will unfold as it always does in all our mishaps.

I am confident there are ways to beat the uncomfortable emotions we have with this COVID around. When fear and paranoia kill us more than the virus itself, I find it so unfair to be run like crazy by this tiny monster who cannot even survive outside of its host. Most people are dying and living dead because of the slumbering negative feelings that compromise the body’s ability to take care of itself. And everyone is just so confused about finding ways to deal with it. What a glitch in the human race

The information we are getting and not getting about this virus can make us lost to oblivion. Sometimes, it just makes matters worse. To get our life back in order requires shedding some light on the horror that crippled us along the way. I believe that only an in-depth awareness and a lot of common sense can conquer all those worries out and help us find peace somehow.

We need to focus on the basic stuff first and foremost. What do we really need to know as far as this virus is concerned? Well, it is important to understand how it works and what makes it kill. If we knew those things it would not be hard to see how we can protect ourselves from it and throw a winning fight the best that we can if we should.

But more than that, getting acquainted with the workings of our body is equally significant as well. Knowing your battle inside is just as necessary as knowing this impostor on our system outside. Experts repeatedly warn us that more than handwashing, wearing masks and social distancing, we need to be psychologically prepared for this battle.

More often than not the apprehension that gnaws in our heart and the thoughts that keep playing on our head are those that we are powerless about. Like our own death and that of our loved ones, anxiety about getting sick and lack of resources, and those kinds of things that you have no control with at the moment. And usually, they are not happening anytime today. They only drain your energy of the precious present moment leaving you no time to contemplate the things that are truly essential here and now. The one that you’ve got and can take hold of.

We are fortunate this time that neuroscience is reinforcing our faith and showing us how we can create a life that is free from all fears, worries, and anxiety. We need not suffer that much. All the resources are available at the click of our fingertips if we want. And it is not so far as well, because it is here in us, in our heart. It only takes willingness on our part to look at this pandemic on a new set of eyeglasses to find the bliss it brings.

May we all find peace in the thought that difficult situations are always like that after all, a blessing in disguise.