One of my daughters told me yesterday morning that she was about to wake all of us at dawn upon seeing on Facebook the floods in Cagayan Valley thinking we might pray for them or have a rosary perhaps, but she hesitates. We are still helpless with what happen to our loved ones in Infanta.

 “What are you doing on Facebook when you are supposed to be asleep still ha?” that was my initial reaction but I manage to keep my mouth shut.

 I just try to listen to what she was saying while showing me the post on her phone of victims crying for help and the flood itself. I immediately pulled myself out after seeing a few, went straight to the kitchen, and had our breakfast ready. I felt uncomfortable looking at other people’s suffering and I usually avoid it. What I always do instead is to send a little prayer and resources if there is an opportunity and then move on with my to-do stuff for the day.

But she never stop talking about it and her empathy was so palpable and later it’s my husband and her siblings talking about what was happening in Cagayan Valley and the people there. I was processing what’s going on inside of me while listening to all of them until I gather some pieces about tough times you might want to think about.

It happens all the time

From the moment Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise sufferings became real. Foods, plague, sickness, and death had been the new norm. What can you do about it other than making sure you are saved? I pray we knew how. 

It happens in the past, it is happening now, and it is sure to happen again until we are over. Over what? Over our greed, our insanity, our fears, our ignorance of God’s will, and all those things that made us an outcast after all. We knew it. But we are so stubborn to listen and unless we do, it is sure to happen again anytime sooner or later.

It can break us or make us

Hard times had its way of making the most out of us and it will all depend on our attitude. We can feel sorry all our life for the misfortune we had or find something of value out of it. It’s all up to us.

The struggle we’ve gone through in the toughest of times can make us resilient, stronger, compassionate, and creative in facing life’s challenges ahead. We have a million stories of such things time and again and there’s no need to doubt.

It never last

This too shall pass is one of the most comfortable and hope-giving thoughts I always have when all the going gets tough. While it won’t rain 365 days is my good friend’s version of it, nothing can be farther from the truth. There’s always an end to everything even in suffering and like all stories we have; some had a happy one while others don’t and the rest remains hanging! Just the same, it ends.

God never ceases to care

Tough times can make us feel helpless, hopeless, and powerless. It can break our soul into pieces and shatter our lives forever. And in times like this, we cannot avoid asking why? Why does God allow this thing to happen when He is so powerful, and He can just stop all the mishaps right away or never let it occur at all. As if he was the creator of our disaster.

We sometimes forgot that He didn’t create it to happen that way. He made everything good for us. And despite what we have done and failed to do He never left us all along. He is always in charge, making sure His promises are coming true.

We can all do something

No matter how insignificant or little we can do, we can always try. We need to realize that we are all connected somehow. The small things that we do or the great one too can always have a ripple effect in the world we live in. We just have to think about it.