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TheBooze Stole My Son (Don’t Let It Steal Yours)is Aui V.’s heart-wrenching meditation after her oldest child and son, JC, died in a road accident while driving drunk. Weaving together letters from her diary and first-person storytelling, the book documents the author’s journey through grief and confusion, as she tries to make sense of why God would allow her son to die, and why she was unable to save JC from the disease of alcoholism.

At heart, the book is a stern and sober battle cry against a culture of alcoholism. It also serves as a reminder that in the midst of great tragedy and pain, there is hope in the promises of God, and that unconditional love is always the best response to loved ones who are hurting, and who sometimes hurt us.


The Booze Stole My Son – Don’t Let it Steal Yours (by  Aui V.)

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These are some of my favorite quotes from the author.

“Maybe things are difficult sometimes because we are trying to live life to the fullest, because we are not denying the pain and we are searching for better ways to live.”

“Parents are the most imperfect people here on earth. God is not.”

“The fear of not having enough was the driving force behind all the chaos. It was like being caught in a net and the more I struggle out of the bondage, the more the net seemed to get tighter.”

“If the spirit remains alive, that’s good. If it dies, what can I do?”

My message to the author:

Dear Ma’am Aui,

How can I not love a writer who poured her heart and soul writing her book? Powerful words only come up when you think you are in the pit of desolation but you actually have become the best you can be. A book of this kind will make us realize that the power of love is stronger than death. I think I’m a little older than JC. I’m 28. I had to stop every time I become emotional while reading it because the words you used were so powerful. It made me think how miserable my parents would feel if I gave up things I love. I’ve been battling depression for a while and am looking for more motivation to continue my journey.

Reading your book made me feel as if I have known you for years. I will never fully understand the pain a mother would go through for losing his son, but at least, I could imagine how my mother would feel or think when I’m gone. I know I can’t talk for your son, but through reading your book, I am very sure he loves you so much and that he has always been thankful for having a loving mother like you. Like him, I’m also aware of my parents’ weaknesses and their struggles in raising me up. I’ve seen their worst and they’ve seen mine.  As I grew older, it made me realize that their flaws are nothing compared to all the sacrifices they have done for me.

Although we have different beliefs and concept of God, we share the idea that He is aware of our sufferings and promises us everlasting life if we can endure until the end, and that there will be a resurrection of the dead. (John 5:28,29)  There is a very good reason why God has not yet stopped bad things from happening. However, He is never the source of our trials. (Job 34:10-12; James 1:13) He also promises that “the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing.” (1 Corinthians 15:26) Thank you for entrusting me to review your book and for sharing this masterpiece that only us, fragile humans, can write masterly.

If you have time ma’am, I would also like you to read a brochure here I suggest others to do the same. It is a good read for those who are suffering from a loss of their loved ones.

Hugs and best wishes.

Your friend,


Think Life’s Hard… Try Losing Someone You Can’t Replace — The Millionaire’s Digest

Book written By: Aui V: -A book dedicated to the tragedy of the loss of her son. Overview: ALCOHOLISM IS NOT A DEAD-END When Aui V. lost her son to drunk driving, she was forced to face something she was not prepared for. Dealing with her agony, she seeks comfort in writing which leads […]

I received a free eBook version of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book, after being approached by the author.

This is more than just a story to the author who wrote this book. This book is a true account of the death of her eldest son, 21 year old JC, where alcoholism played a massive part in that event. JC had been driving while under the influence of alcohol and had been in an accident, where he was taken to hospital, but had sadly later passed away. This is her account and warning to hopefully try and help and prevent people from suffering the same tragedy that her and her family have been through; suffering the loss of a loved one. Therefore, helping to create and generate a much better awareness about the mental illness of alcoholism, that is why she started and wrote this book.

Where she is from, in the Philippines, alcoholism isn’t a disease or illness that is heard of or known very well, or greatly admitted to. It occurs, it defiantly occurs and has taken other peoples lives, such as her fathers and there are people who do have this illness, but they do not know or do not call it alcoholism. In fact Aui’s own husband Boy, was, and therefore still is an alcoholic and suggested that she did one of her studies on this topic when studying nursing and it was so unknown that she had no one to select for a case study and had to choose a new topic. You can see that a lot of research has also gone into this book, with examples and information provided about alcoholism and deaths that occur because of this illness. Therefore, at times, it does begin to read like you are reading a long report from the World Health Organisation with statistics and so on, which can distract from the story of the event of their lives. So can see that Aui is so passionate about making sure that she gets the right message out there with all of the accurate information, you know and understand why all of this information is included.

The best parts about this book, and the most emotional and heart felt parts are the letters that she has in between each of the chapters and especially at the end, are the letters that Aui have written to her son. I felt like I was intruding while I was reading them because of how personal they were. I know that the rest of the book was meant for the rest of us, but, those letters seemed as though they were between just Aui and JC. They were personal and felt like it was her was of grieving, by writing out how she was feeling and allowing that emotion to escape. But these were my favourite parts to read, because of the emotions expressed and how personal they were.

Reading this book, doesn’t seem like English is the authors first language, as it does come across a little bit disjointed at parts, as it doesn’t have that nice flow while reading it. The majority of the story is written in one language, English, all except for when people are speaking, which is written in another language. It does get translated back into English in brackets after each person speaks, but it does make me wonder why everything else is written in English, except for these.

This book is defiantly written for the best reasons and with the best intentions behind it, with raising awareness and truth in mind. Nowadays you see alcoholism being used to create entertainment and comedy in books, films, television programmes and so on and you don’t get to really see the real truth behind it. It is a mental health illness and it’s alright to be used, but when its constantly being used and trivialised, it loses all its meaning and becomes just another thing. That’s why I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars!

This is my favourite quote from the book, because of how true it is:
“We don’t get to decide when our lives will end.”

Wow, what a painful story and how extraordinary your ability to write your thoughts about the alcoholic process and progression of the disease. The loss of JC is/was devastating but your writing shows what a loving soul he was and how important his loss was to you and the world. Obviously your God given ability to write so eloquently has provided you with some relief from the very difficult process of dealing with an alcoholic death. Your insight into the alcoholic mind is spot on as are your thoughts concerning the disease of alcoholism. I hope you continue your journey on this very important task of letting others know about the disease that took your son. The Booze Stole my son, is a must read for those parents whose children are suffering from the disease of addiction. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

The Booze Stole my Son book review (L reviews#10)

Wow! This is an achievement, it is my 10th review on this blog and I am happy to share this because it is a book review also featured in another blog.

If you follow me on social media I have already mentioned this. Here is my promise…the untouched version of my review.:)

A Mother’s Unexpected Inspiration

As the book title suggests, The Booze Stole my Son: Don’t Let it Steal Yours is a literary piece created by a mother who experienced the loss of her son due to alcoholism. She wrote her struggles, realizations, regrets, and thoughts about the disease in the hope of inspiring and educating other people about it.

What I like about this book….

The book is full of emotions, scientific facts, and some bible verses to back up all that the author is describing in her work. It gave light to Alcoholism as a disease and not just a social issue.

What I like most about this book was it gave us a glimpse of how it felt to lose someone you love so unexpectedly but could have been avoided if we took time to be with them. I also like that before and after every chapter there is this letter that the mother addresses to her son and it is relatable to almost everyone who has a mother or generally someone you treat or love as a mother (who doesn’t have one?).

As sad as the whole book may be I will spoil you that you would not want to put the book down in the last few chapters of it because it does have this unexpected happy ending or maybe some thoughts that would make you happy you read the book.

What I did not like are….I had some urges not to continue reading this book. Probably because I myself have not experienced such great loss and I also have this short attention span but I think it was also due to some “dead” moments in the book. I warn you, some chapters are full of scientific facts and studies that may be too much for some people, like me, to read through. If you are not a believer of the Holy Bible and the scriptures you may not agree with some of the content of this book.


I would have never thought of picking this book up if I saw it at an online bookstore or a traditional bookstore and to tell you all the truth I am glad I had the privilege to read and review this book. I never experienced alcoholism at first hand but I know a few of my friends who struggled with a loved one who is afflicted by this disease. As I read through the book I saw a clearer vision of how it is like to live with someone who is an alcoholic. It is harder when this person is someone you treasure, you turn a blind eye and believe in their deceitful lies to cover their illness up. I cannot blame anyone because trust is part of loving someone and this book is a clear example of that, love. It is rare to find such local author and book about this topic maybe because most of us are not proud of saying that I have an alcoholic family member but bless Ms. Au V.for sharing her story and her experience through this book.

I also have this little back story about this certain book and the author….

I actually received , via email , a reviewer’s digital copy from the author herself a few weeks after I finished reading her book. I have already wrote and submitted the review for bookbed as well.

I am posting this review on my blog because she reached out to me, I felt blessed and honored that she choose me and this is my way of saying my thank you. Based on our short email exchange she is a very kind lady and I admire her for sharing her experience to all of us.

I wish to help her and other Filipino authors boost up their reading audience because there is talent all over our small country.

I am not closing my doors to other nationalities’ books (of course I will only understand and read books that are written in English)  I am simply setting my priorities.:) I still love to discover new authors and books from all over the world but like I mentioned I want to help my countrymen and women as well.

I hope to read one Filipiniana book per month and I am actually trying my best to do so. I encourage my fellow Filipino readers to do the same.😀

Mayroong ibang libro sa bookstores na hindi baduy. You simply have to dig and search deeper.😀

Have fun reading and I hope you get a copy of this book because it’s worth the read.

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