1. Love hurts, It really hurtzzzzz

You know why? Because love came on the way of the cross. The cross of forgetting oneself, building relationships, and taking responsibilities. Which among them is cool? None! Everything is difficult and it sucks sometimes. Love does.
But don’t worry. The antidote to hurt is love itself, no other thing.

  1. Life has its own plan. Don’t be so serious.

You are not in control of everyone and everything. Loosen up. Let go a little and smile a lot. Surrender your grandiose plan to the true architect of life. Trust the process. He knows what is best for you and for all, don’t worry.

  1. Today is all you’ve got. Live it to the full.

Your happiness and success are found in your daily agenda. Yesterday is nothing but wisdom and tomorrow is promises and hope. Make sure you bring them along here and now for this is the only thing that you can seize. Everything else is memories and dreams.

Make every moment count. Live the life that you love with the people you care about the most. Be grateful. Someone else won’t make it today and no one knows who will still be around tomorrow.

  1. You are here for something only YOU can do. Show up.

We are in such a mess because someone else failed to do their part in the play. A song we never heard and a painting we never saw is just as unforgiving as a mother who neglected a child too.

Let your music play to brighten up someone’s day. Color the world with joy or grow a flower or two. You can hug a pet perhaps or hold the hand of someone dear to you. Everyone is called for something special to do no matter how glorious nor menial it may be. Give everything you’ve got that’s all you need to do.

The role that you have and the gift entrusted to you is your ticket to a deeper sense of happiness and your pass to eternity. It might be someone else too. So, show up because no one will take the place of you.

  1. There’s no place like home. This is where we all belong.

In the grand design of life, home is where our journey begins. It is where we first encounter the things that make us feel alive from the warmth of an embrace to a never-ending laugh. It is a source of security like a father’s arm to a child. A fortress in the turbulent waves of life and a hospice in the crying souls at night.

A home is a place inside yourself where you know who you are, and you are comfortable in everything that you have and peaceful with those that you don’t. It is a place where you will always go back into when everything failed and you have no one but you. It is a destiny that awaits all the things you hope for at the end of this journey you called life.