It’s almost 5 years since I started writing and publishing a book and in those 5 years, I never lost sight of where I am going with my writing.I learn many things I needed to with the resources and time I have. I reach out and met some wonderful writers along the way in the world wide web and develop a virtual friendship in the process. It gives me the chance to share my work out there and it is fun and a heart fulfilling journey. The only regrets I have is that I should have started it long ago.


A hand taking a clear shot of hanging lights with the camera of a smartphone


Now that I am doing some other stuff to be able to pay the bills and send kids to school the longing to be alone with my notes in front of my desktop never leave me even once.  I miss writing and going back to my blog so much since I receive the task of teaching last year. Nothing gives me more excitement this time than the thought that in one month  I’ll be done with the school and I will go back to my den and write and write again to my heart’s delight.




In the last 5 years, I only receive a few bucks for my writing far enough to cover the expenses I’ve incur with the time I’ve spent sitting on my desktop. If I spent those time with my real estate endeavors, selling this and that I could have generated enough amount to live on but I never did. I write instead because the fact is that writing is the only thing that made me feel so whole, so true and so happy that I would do it over and over again for the sheer delight it gave me. And I know I cannot find it anywhere else.



A little girl wearing a party dress and flower crown, sitting in a field in Cao Lãnh, reading a book


I have never been in love with the thought of doing something except in the task of writing. I’ve seen what it can do to my life early on. I knew that this is something I can turn to anytime of the day when I needed it most. I see how it can stop the evils and heartaches that was happening around. I thank God because He put a seed in my heart and made me realize the power it entails if I will just use it and do it every day.


I must admit like most writers did, I too have some desire to share my works in the word. They say today is the best time for us because of technology. I wish I have the capability to learn and embrace the magic of the latest inventions but even if I can’t I would still write. I would still get my pen and sit on my favorite spot first thing in the morning and give a piece of me in whatever way I know. And even if I have myself alone to share it with, I’ll still do.



In the hands that write is the hands that heal and that is my calling every day. I am molded that way. To heal the most wounded part of me and to be a part of someone else healing through my writing is why I exist today. That is the only way I can continue to live with joy in my heart and I owe it to my maker and to His children to give back the gift I receive so freely. Have a happy weekend’s everyone!


Nice to be back 🙂