Last week I was making a research on marketing and I came across the type of market that is the consumer of irrational fashions. The article says this mega market spends a considerable amount of money on things they do not need.


I thought this was also those whom I categorized as the compulsive buyer. In a way different but when I look closely on this type of consumer I saw the driving force behind both behaviors.  This mega market is the focus of many business entities today capitalizing on the very core of their feeling which is fear.

It can range from fear of not being loved, fear of not having enough, fear of rejection and a million deceptions with a thousand products and services being offered. There’s diet pills, latest gadgets, expensive toys like cars, mansions, travel, fashions etc.

What a profitable business to start with, I thought for a while. But be sure to use the profit on eternal investment otherwise I will be spending the money on his furnace. Not very cool!


How fear destroys families is very subtle. Parents sacrifice their precious time with their loved ones for fear of not having enough and sometimes it is not having enough luxuries. Fulfilling their irrational needs with work and with getting more money, they shower their children with stuff that can never compensate for the lost time they steal.


Insecurities of the future made husband and wife less competent to decide on the things that really matters on the here and now. I do not know how the government addresses the issues of families when they only look at the remittances our Oversees Filipino Workers provides. How can they compute the losses of every member of the family who had been greatly affected because of absentee parents? Every lost family is Satan’s gains.


“Do not be worried and upset “the beginning of yesterday’s gospel.  I have spoken the mantra of “Do not be afraid” a thousand times in my life. And I had made foolish decisions based on fears several times in my life that create big financial losses over and over again.

But behold! I  had a way of gaining.  I am an instrument of God’s hand. In here lies the most powerful spreadsheet that can make my life profitable not only here on earth but also in eternity.  Jesus Christ himself shows how, by the things that He did.


It made me realized that what I am doing today determines who is gaining in my life.  I do not have to be deceived by Satan’s lucrative business dealings. I need not be afraid. I only have to trust God every day that if I  allow Him to make use of my hands in doing His will, I’m gonna be fine and so with my family. I need not worry about the market, everything belongs to God 🙂