Not only because of NCOVI but because home is where we are all supposed to be.”

NCOVI came at a time near the deadline of my writing job and I was left with no time to think about it. But before I knew it, the lockdown is here where I felt like we’re on a house arrest with my husband as the security guard. And when all the papers were done, I was left with nothing more to do.

Like a naughty little child, I was really contemplating of having my long wish pedicure with foot spa be done dismissing the call of the govt officials to stay home.

Eto lang ang problema.  (Here’s the problem)

“Paano ka naman makakatakas kay papa?’ ( “How can you escape from Papa?”)        My daughter asks with all her eyebrows up when she found out about my secret plan.

I was kinda inviting her like having partners in crime you know.

Bukod pa dun, napag alaman kong wala naman din palang mag sasakay sa akin kahit makatakas pa ako.   (Aside from that, even if I can escape, I found out there’s nothing I can ride on)

That’s when the reality sinks in.

I have no way of going out.

“Pirmi.”  Sabi ng matatanda.  (“Stay put.” According to the old folks}

Good thing I did. Because that’s when I realized that the call of the government to  stay home is the real call we have from the beginning of time. I listen to Elizabeth Gilbert on her Ted talks a few years after her sensational Eat, Love and Pray stardom and I love everything that she said about going back home.

“Your home is whatever in this world you love- more than you love yourself”

Gilbert finds her home, not on her fame and success, not even on her failure and nothingness but on her writing. That is where she belongs to and that is the love of her life. That’s the summary of her talk as I understood it.

Stay home. Go back Home. That’s the call.

Let me tell you why.

In this NCOVI season home is the safest place where we should all be. You know each other, you know where they have been to. You know what they are doing, well I hope so.

In your home, no one is to put harm on you. People there will protect you from all the viruses outside, including influences you should not have.  And if you are affected, you will take care of them not to get infected too. That’s home. You take care of each other.

I remember when my husband and I were struggling where to put our teenage son since his friends at school were as lost as him. We tried to make him active in the community but just the same, he will always be with the company he should not have. Then I considered sending him on a seminary while my husband thought of having him on a military school to spare him from all the evil forces outside, without us understanding that his battle was within. What I forgot during that time was that in his fight, our home is the safest place where he should be. Nevertheless, God took him home and I’m sure he is safe now.

It was so easy to condemn a member of the family who is misbehaving and to make them feel like an outcast. But going back to our senses we knew that no matter how much we hated the behaviors of a loved one when they are in danger, we will do everything to save them from harm. And with all our might we will make sure that they’re home to find shield facing enemies that are more than they can handle too.

That is what the virus is doing today. It is threatening us but all we can do is to make sure that our own home is virus-free for everyone to be safe. It is doable. Everything is basic. Need not panic. Trust that in everything, God works for good  with those who love him and those whom He called according to His purpose.

Our home is our hospital. No one can be free from life’s difficulties, it’s given. There will be sickness, there will be loss and sure enough, there will be pain. No one is immune. And when there are so many sufferings and we don’t know where to go, there’s always home. I’m wondering how many of us had this kind of feeling when the going gets tough.

Many times, my own foolishness would lead me to a situation I should not be and at times like that, I always have this thought of leaving home to save my family from disgrace. But I will always be reminded that our home is a place for healing all our pains. That when I am so sick and tired of fighting inside and out, it’s always good to be home.

We all have individual battles in life at kapag tayo ay sugatang sugatan na, (when we are so much wounded) home is where we will always find recourse. There’s no other place to go.

And to me, home is where I can be who I really am. Home is where I can love and be loved in return. Home is the place where I can find rest and acceptance when the whole world turns against me. Home is where I can find my true happiness and the reason why I am here after all.

So instead of insisting on having my toenails done, I opted to go back to my little corner at home where I can use my hand and be all that I wanna be, writing on my scratchpad. This is my home, and this is where I am happiest; with the people I love the most.

Let’s all go back home. It’s scary outside. You don’t know who is carrying the virus looking for another host. And you don’t know if you can still make it or not once you’re affected. Let us listen  this time. The call to go back home is the answer to most of life’s tragedy not only during the NCOVI season but for all time.

Let’s all face the challenge of making our home the safest and happiest place for everyone around. I’m sure everybody loves to be home. It’s good to be there!

More than that, let us all offer a little prayer for all those suffering from homelessness today and all those sacrificing making sure we are all safely home 🙂